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Moving Day Agony

Moving home got a lot more stressful for some people yesterday as payments for property purchases were hit by a glitch in the system used by the Bank of England to transfer payments between commercial banks.

Home buyers faced an agonising wait for their money and mortgage sums to go through after Britain’s central bank said computerised payments on its Real Time Gross Settlement Payment System were suspended. This was at around 6am, after a ‘technical issue’ was discovered following weekend routine maintenance.

The BoE said Chaps, under which same-day electronic payments for house purchases are carried out, has been affected.

At 4pm, it issued a statement to say the problem had been fixed: “The Bank of England’s RTGS system is now processing payments again following a resolution of the technical issue experienced earlier today.

‘As such, CHAPS is now processing the backlog of payments and is confident that all payments submitted today will be processed today.

‘To help customers and to ensure payments can be processed today CHAPS is extending its operating times until 19.40 hrs. Customers are advised to contact their own bank for any queries they may have on their specific payments.’

The delays could cause personal chaos for home movers who will be unable to complete on their purchases until money goes through.

Many will already have their belongings packed up, removal men waiting and could spend hours waiting to see if their funds go through.

‘The one part of a sale which is fixed is the completion date – with payments not being able to be processed today, this will not only have an effect in terms of the completion date moving, but also accompanying arrangements which may have been scheduled, such as moving support or van hire and the transfer of utilities to the new address.’

The Bank said the most important payments in the wider RTGS system, which is understood to handle £277billion of payments a day, are being handled manually.

The Bank said it has a number of options open to it to ensure payments made today will be cleared, such as an extending the working day.

Chaps as the Clearing House Atomated Payment System is known, is a separate organisation to the Bank of England and funded by lenders who pay fees to use its services. However, Chaps does use the Bank’s RTGS network to run its system.

Chaps chief executive Phil Kenworthy said: ‘Chaps is currently unable to process payments. This is due to the Bank of England temporarily pausing the RTGS settlement system to resolve a technical issue.

The Bank of England said its CREST system, which settles securities; BACS, which processes direct debts; and Faster Payments Service, which handles online banking, are not affected by the outage.

Avoiding Last Minute Panic

When it comes to moving house, one of the main issues that people have seems to be that they run out of time. If you have a tight schedule and wish to avoid last minute panic because there is so much to do that you can’t fit it all in, then it may well be worth looking in to ways that you can utilize your time efficiently. In an ideal world, everyone would follow these tips and tricks to ensure that there was no chance of getting stuck behind on certain aspects of the removal process, and this would mean that everyone had a much easier time over all.

The best way to ensure that you have time to get everything done is to give yourself as much time as you possibly can. If you have only organized the rough time of the removal, then it is a great idea to get going on the planning, and this will mean that you maximize the chances of having the reasonable amount of time in which to get everything done.

Should you have this opportunity, you will likely get to the end of the planning stage and realize that in fact, there is a lot more time between you and the removal day than you thought, and that the whole process should not be that stressful over all. This does mean being overly keen however, and getting in touch with removals companies a long time in advance, to see what availability is like in general around the time of your move. However, early bookings can lead to discounts on removals companies, so you may well benefit nicely out of being so prompt.

When you are planning, take in to consideration how long it looks like everything is going to take, and then allow for it to take about half of that time longer! This is not to say that your estimates are worth nothing, more a comfortable buffer against disasters, or unexpected problems getting in the way.

Write out your plan of action in a way that means that you are able to work consistently and evenly across the weeks leading up to the removal. Having a regular set of removals work hours across those weeks means that you can settle in to a flow of working on the move, whilst also reducing how much of an impact the removal has on the rest of your life. How often and how long you need to work on the move each time will be down to your planning, so it is pretty essential that you plan well, as otherwise you could easily miss out on a chance to have a relaxed process. The hope really is that you plan really well in advance, and realize that instead of having to rush everything, you actually have a load of time in which to get things done. This means that you can dedicate an hour or so every evening to the move, and feel like you are getting everything checked off your list for removals success. This is a relaxed approach that will reduce the chance of last minute panic in a big way.

Top tips when looking for your new student pad

Read your tenancy agreement

Everyone does it, whether it’s a computer programme or the bumf of a new video game, the legal mumbo jumbo gets ignored and we scroll to the end and we ‘agree’. It’s the same with renting a new place – who reads the tenancy agreement anyway? The smart people, that’s who.

Check everything works

This goes for TVs, fridges and also the plugs that you put all your electrical gadgets into. We’d all be screwed if we had nowhere to plug our stuff in, I mean, a world without electricity, who could imagine?! My top tip is to buy a night light (that you plug in when you’re scared) and take it with you to viewings. Who cares if the guy showing you round thinks you’re crazy, it’s far better to know the plugs work!

Check the shower/toilet/radiators

  • The toilet: give it a flush to check it works. Plumbing problems are the absolute worst.
  • Check the shower: just ask if you can flick it on. Check it gets hot and remains hot for more than five seconds.
  • The radiators: although you don’t want to waste too much on heating, it’s important to know that they work. Ask about how the central heating system works and where the switch is.

Check for damp

Yes you say, it’s helpful to have them, but I mean to check for any signs of damp. This will look like the wallpaper is peeling at the corners or near the windows, and in worse cases looks like mould: gross.

Next: the carpets. Do they feel damp or are they curling up at the edges? Water and damp will make them shrink and curl. Make sure you ask about it. Don’t let them blow you off, especially if there are signs near the windows.

Check the windows

When viewing each room, especially the bedrooms, walk right up to the window and see if you can feel a draft! Check the seal on the windows to see if they are double glazed and secure. This not only means they’re good windows, they will also keep your heating costs down, meaning more money for alcohol and Apple products (because we all know that’s what student loans are for)!

Check the bedrooms have locks

Now think about all your precious gadgets: laptop, camera, smartphone, straighteners – they would cost a lot of money to replace. Whoever you move in with, no matter how long (or how little) you have known them: having a lock is essential. If it doesn’t have one, ask if you can have one put on. You need one to protect your stuff to have it covered by your insurance. So, make sure you check this one, it’s pretty important.

Take a photo of every tiny thing

Before you unpack ANYTHING at all, take a photo of every little detail, crack, chip or mark and save them on multiple hard drives, completely backed up. The beauty of a digital photo is the date is digitally stamped on to it so you can prove that date they were taken was ‘moving day’. This will protect you when it comes to getting your deposit back from your landlord.

Top mistakes made when moving goods abroad

The Excess Baggage Company asked their team what are the top mistakes people make when arranging their shipment of personal effects overseas. Here are the top issues they found when dealing with assignees.

1. An international move can be a stressful event – however it can be relatively hassle-free when it is planned and arranged in advance. Putting off booking your move inevitably means the actual moving date will be one of the last dates you have left in the country.

This means that any small hiccup could potentially ruin your travel plans and cause additional stress.

2. Your quote contains important information on what is included and excluded from the service. It will also confirm the volume / weight of the items quoted for. If you are not sure the information within the quote is correct, or there is an exclusion you hope to be included, talk to your moving company before it is too late!

It is also important you carefully read and understand the customs regulations and requirements for the country you are sending to. Taxes, duties, cargo dues, handling fees, residency status, prohibited goods, etc. are all issues that seem to be such a shock to some customers, despite information on this being readily available online and often in the information provided by the shipping company.

3. Your goods will be transported from continent to continent, being unloaded at least 3 points on route, and inspected by customs authorities. If the packaging you have used is not suitable for stacking, or the other typical bumps and knocks that transportation inevitably brings then it is not suitable for international export!

Your shipping company will be happy to advise in packaging, and often will be able to supply you with free of charge export standard packing boxes, or even professionally pack your entire consignment for you!

4. Involving too many people tends to become an issue when a shipment is arranged after you have already left the country.

For example, Barry Green has moved to Australia and now wants to send his 4 boxes of personal goods to his new address. He asks his mother, Mrs Green, to contact us to arrange it. Mrs Green is informed of all the necessary information by our sales team and books the shipment. Mrs Green arranges for the pick-up to be made from her husband’s work (Mr Green). Mrs Green is advised that the courier can arrive anytime from 9am – 6pm, but this message is not passed on and Mr Green arranges to play golf with a colleague, meaning he needs to leave work at 4pm. The courier inevitably arrives at 5pm to find Mr Green is not there, and the collection has failed.

5. Customers are sent customs documents to complete upon booking. It’s hard to believe but almost 50% of our customers then forget to return the documents until days after the collection, resulting in delays and possibly additional storage charges if the documents are not received within 7 days of the collection.

The happiest place to call home

Rightmove’s index uses 12 distinct factors to measure how the British public feels about where they live, covering feelings towards our ‘property’, our ‘home’ and our ‘community’. The result is a unique, nationwide insight into the emotive relationship we have with the place we call home. The survey results also highlight a wealth of fascinating quirks and characteristics about towns, cities and regions up and down the UK; from the fact that people in Lincoln are the most house-proud in the country, to those in Hereford feeling the safest about where they live, and Swansea and Aberdeen being the happiest places to be in Wales and Scotland respectively.

Top 10 Happies Place To Live in UK Bottom 10 Happies Place To Live in UK
1st Harrogate 1st London North
2nd Stockport 2nd Dudley
3rd Ipswich 3rd London West
4th Exeter 4th London North West
5th St Albans 5th Enfield
6th Kingston upon Thames 6th London South East
7th Bath 7th Ilford
8th Worcester 8th London East Central
9th Bromley 9th Croydon
10th Truro 10th London East

Harrogate comes out on top in the Happy At Home Index for 2013 with its residents feeling ‘happy’ across a broad range of factors. Although the town did not rank highest on any single measure, it featured in the top 10 on four of the 12 measures, namely; investment (how much residents choose to spend on their home), safety (how safe people feel in their home and local community), recreation (the extent to which people enjoy spending time in the local area) and neighbourliness (how friendly and polite respondents consider their neighbours).

Harrogate’s position at the top of the Happy At Home Index demonstrates the complex web of factors that makes for a happy place to live. The top-ranked places reflect the fact that we need a healthy balance of not only confidence in the value of our homes and pride in where we live, but also all-round enjoyment of the things to do and in our area and sense of well-being in the local community.

Choosing a Removal Company

Everyone who has moved house will tell you that it’s a difficult process. The good news is, you don’t have to bear all the stress if you hire a removal company.

Choosing a removal company, however, is not that easy. But by considering these factors, choosing will at least be successful:

1. Price. Beware of companies offering very cheap service fee but instead hire a company offering you only the reasonable charge.

2. Knowledge. How well a company knows about what you need for the moving is very important. This only proves the level of their expertise in the field. This also proves how well they can serve you for the moving.

3. Facilities. The best removal company must be able to offer you various choices because they have all the moving facilities needed. For instance, you need them to pack your things. Then the moving company should have packing materials or a storage unit for all your things.

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